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الغرفة العامة

لا نملك الكثير من الوقت لذا عليك إن نتجمع الان اهلا وسهلا بيكم في شات نمرة واحد الغرفه العامة

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Public Voice Room

You can have wonderful voice group chats in rooms with people from nearby or all over the world

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Moderated-chat Module Test

Tip: moderator account: moderator/moderator, speaker account: speaker/speaker. Try to log in 3 accounts: moderator, speaker and guest to see what a moderated-chat is.

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Video Conference

Video conferencing is live, visual connection between two or more remote parties over the internet that simulates a face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing is important because it joins people who would not normally be able to form a face-to-face connection.

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free online chat rooms to connect with strangers from Egypt. Meetyou.me is a meeting platform for strangers from Egypt

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Member-only Club

Tip: Only registered members are allowed to enter this room.

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Multimedia Room

Tip: A room with Youtube video and MP3 player for you to play with!

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Password Protected Room

Tip: This room is password protected and the room's password is fusechat.

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